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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon A few people were apparently worried that Caprice had been killed on the previous page. Perish the thought!

Mark's layout of the last panel on this page reminds me strongly of Frank Kelly Freas' 1953 cover painting for Astounding. I wonder if it was deliberate.

In other news, I know from our referrer logs that at least one person from Microsoft reads AMoS. What I need you to do is to walk over to the person who decided to make it impossible to load MSMQ on Windows XP Home edition, gently tell him that he's an idiot, and then smack him repeatedly in the head with the nearest heavy object. You'll be doing every programmer in the world a favor.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Eh, kind of. I was really just going for that general '40s pulp sci-fi magazine "Mars Needs Women" kind of vibe with that last panel. Wow, that was a messy sentence. I apologize to my high school English teacher.

The link of the day is Orbiter, a freeware space flight simulator that puts the emphasis on realism. With relatively accurate physics and aerodynamics and a general lack of magic technology, you can try to safely put the Space Shuttle into orbit, match speeds and dock with the International Space Station, or fly an experimental spaceplane to the moon. If you're stubborn enough you can even fly to Neptune. It'll take 25 in-game years, but you can do it!!