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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon So I've been reading about the Sony rootkit uproar. (Frankly, how could I miss it?) I imagine many of you have been reading about it, too.

I am so very glad I left my old job as a Network Manager and moved into programming. If it's not viruses or worms, it's huge multinational corporations attempting to shred your network and destroy your systems.

In a perfect world, Sony would be sued into a smoking hole in the ground for this. The smoking hole would be left in place to remind the next ten generations not to do bad things. But since Sony is large and powerful, they'll get away with this. They may have to pay a fine, but it won't be anywhere near commensurate with the crime they committed.

Yes, I said "crime." As mentioned, I spent a decade in networking and I have very solid attitudes about installing malware on someone's machine - it's a crime, and one which should be dealt with harshly. The punishment should be vicious. It could perhaps involve scorpions. Or maybe Benjamin could beat the miscreants up, because being beaten to a pulp by a fictional character must be humiliating.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Attentive readers may have noticed that Benjamin's gunshot wound has suddenly jumped to his other shoulder. A continuity glitch? Well, yes. I got careless the first time and had him get shot in the wrong shoulder, which would have messed up the exquisite choreography of the fight scene. So, I decided to just push through, sneak the bullet wound over to the correct shoulder, and just pretend like it was always that way. As long as nobody lets the cat out of the bag I think I'll get away with it, too. Shhh.

Now then, where were we? Oh yes... everyone was kung-fu fighting. Let's watch.