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(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs So we finally get a decent look at the inside of that little shuttlecraft our heroes (and other Martians) are always tooling around in. Yeah, I know, nothing too spectacular. If you want to see Caprice's new outfit you're just going to have to be patient a little while longer!

Jon is away for the next couple days helping to run an anime convention, I think because he likes pain. So I guess I'm here to entertain you guys all by myself? Um...

Okay, I got nothin'. Oh, well, wait, if you were wondering what Vernor Vinge is up to these days here it is. I have to say I'm a little hesitant at the thought of the novel-length Fast Times at Fairmont High because I was fairly underwhelmed by that story and by the little dribs and drabs of the novel that have appeared here and there over the past few years. I'll give it a chance, though. But another novel in the Fire upon the Deep/Deepness in the Sky universe? I'm so there.