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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Philadelphia, where I live, sneaks up on one. The city crouches on the Delaware River, at the bottom of the last stumbling foothills of the age-worn Appalachian Mountains, so its skyscrapers leap out from behind cliffs or hills rather suddenly when the city is approached from the west. I'll be driving in the suburbs and will suddenly sight down a long, straight slope downhill to the towers of Center City Philadelphia, rising like Oz behind the trees. New York, on the other hand, looms up from miles and miles away no matter how I approach the city.
(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs I've been looking forward to drawing Panel 2 for a long time. The building in the center is of course Daniel Libeskind's Freedom Tower, with its 1,776-foot spire and its associated complex of office buildings. In front of it is the World Financial Center, no doubt a landmark of classical architecture by this time. The other stuff I made up completely, but then you have to figure a few things are going to change in the next hundred and fifty years.

The sky lanes full of airships (also seen buzzing Chicago a few times before) are based on a sort of nebulous concept in my head that the heavy goods transport now being done by rail and truck might, by the time of MoS, be done by lighter-than-air transport instead. However, like most schemes involving airships the real justification is that I like airships.

Confidential to Alex P.: Your email bounced, so we couldn't write you back to personally thank you for the fan art. So (ahem): Thank you for the fan art.