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It's the Extras and Fan Art page!
Of course we here at A Miracle of Science welcome fan art. What, did you think there was something wrong with us or something? Send it in to mos@cinxia.com and see your name in lights!
The newest items are at the bottom of the page, or you can click here.

Fan Art

By Andrael
By Jen E.
By Emilie Karr

Link banners by Wilfred W. Lam: small/medium/large
By Indigo (pencils, inks)
By uhright

By Doc Nickel (see here for explanation)

By Lashan Lynn

Desktops and banners by Pauline: 800x600/1024x768, banner 1/banner 2

By Joy Taney

By Wootsauce

Icons by London Clockwork

By Jelle Verstraaten

By Mark Sherry

Colored 309 by Sahsha

"Gotcha!" by Jane Butterfield

The Mighty Qin by Den Whitton

Dr. Haas (COV) by Rob Kelly

Caprice (colorized) by Martin Fouts

By Didodikali

Desktops by Thomas Reynolds: 1024x800/ 800x600/ 640x480

Qin by Armethis Lutheric

By Chris Andrews

A Walk in the Rain by Royce Day (fanfic)

"Insane Improvisation" by Aaron Davis

"From the Martian Data Repository" by Thomas Reynolds

"Reminiscence" by Andreas Steffen

Desktops by Thomas Reynolds: 1600x1200/ 1024x800/ 800x600

Ben and Caprice by Padrach

Benjamin by Derakon

Caprice Pixel Art by Elisabeth Melander

Dolls by Danya: Ben and Caprice, Dr. Haas

Where the Martian Water Came From by Gregg Eshelman

Unhappily Ever After by Royce Day (fanfic) NEW
By Faith Hicks
By Kelly Borst
By Pascalle
By Rhiannon McCullough
By Indigo

By Alex Panayotopoulos

By Asc

By Ethan Cooper

By Daniel Wolfe

By Sandra Saunders

IE/Mozilla Favicon by
Tyler Montbriand

Desktops by Matt Wagner
and Mike Power

By Zellychan

By Indigo

Caprice by The Thulesse Mishi

Happy Caprice by Indigo

Holiday '05 by Matt Wagner and Indigo

Free Mars (fanfic) by Royce Day

Dr. Juruna Desktop (alt. ver) by CDK

Ben Prester by Elisabeth
(B/W version)

By Kirstan Norris

Icon by Solarbird

"In Transit" by Guus Pot

"Blown Groupmind" by Daniel Ross

Ben and Pindar by Metta Sommerville

"The Sound of Conquest" by Metta Sommerville

"Beauty Born of Science" by Metta Sommerville

By Tom Goldstein

By Chris Pritchard

Benjamin and Caprice by Beth Minter

Benjamin by Wesley Swayze
The Qin by Gregg Eshelman: 6-view Render, Sunrise View, 1440x872 Desktop

Vorstellen Ad (Animated GIF) by Thomas Reynolds

Colored Cast Pic by Thomas Reynolds NEW

Extra Stuff

Here's my lousy camera phone photo of the most excellent LEGO Qin Shihuangdi, constructed by Phillip Thorne, as seen at Philcon 2006. NEW

On a whim I did this CG of Dr. Juruna, and then also created some desktop wallpapers from it: here's a 1680x1050 version and a 1024x768 version. NEW

Here's a drawing of most of the cast I did a while back for a cast page that never really got off the ground. It's not bad, really.

Our April Fools 2004 page, rescued from the depths of deserved obscurity.

Some flags of many nations, part of MoS's fabulously intricate behind-the-scenes planning! For once, planning actually worked out -- all of the flags except Titan's ultimately appeared in the comic, in one spot or another.

Our handsome suite of free-for-you-to-use MoS icons, suitable for EZboards or instant messaging or, uh, laser SMS texting or, you know, whatever crazy stuff it is the kids are into these days.

Concept Art for MoS, as seen during our recent break between chapters 2 and 3. If that piques your interest, feel free to check out how the main characters, minor characters and miscellaneous spaceships and stuff came to be.

The Amazing Adventures of the Holo-Receptionist! By Mark, parts one, two, and now three. These are similar to the traditional humorous "4-komas" in Japanese manga, in that they have four panels like a newspaper comic, the art is simpler, they're not part of the main continuity, and they're not actually very funny.

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