Far Too Much Wasted Effort:
The History of guardian.simplenet.com and project-apollo.net, 1998-2005

So I was digging around my hard drive recently and I found all these fascinating old versions of my web pages and I said to myself, "Self," I said -- and I knew it was me, because I recognized the voice -- "why not re-upload these pages for all to enjoy? Because certainly if there's one thing a casual visitor to this web site will find fascinating, it's a trip through these monuments to a complete stranger's overweening ego." The logic was compelling, and so here they are: just about every version of my web site that there's ever been, and possibly even one or two I never actually got around to using. Enjoy!

Keep in mind, of course, that none of the links on these pages will be functional. So if some ancient, abandoned project intrigues you... well, um, too bad, I guess. Okay, though, if you're really interested in some old bit of flotsam feel free to email me and ask anything you please. I'm always a polite correspondent.

Back... to the future!