Good evening.

From the air-conditioned comfort and convenience of this home page, you can transport yourself to the following attractions:

  • Guardian - My original comics and anime-style CG. Contains a startling amount of sequential art, including the weekly comic No Headroom. Guardian is a large, frequently updated site and well worth your attention.

  • Malahelicon's Shrine - Dedicated to Malahelicon, the deservedly forgotten Muse of Bad Fanfiction. This page contains all of my Mystery Science Theater 3000-style treatments of USENET posts. Read them. They're FUNNY.

  • The Master Plan - My goal in life is to be a game programmer, and I'm devoting the better part of 1999 to accomplishing that goal. This will tell you more, and let you download some of the games I've done as exercises.

  • Otakon DOOM - It's a DOOM level I did for the anime convention Otakon '96. I still get mail about this occasionally.

  • Other Content - Some other random junk. It hasn't been updated in years, but hey, if that's what floats your boat...

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