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Jon sez

Our intrepid reporter is referring to this comment by Brody when she snarks at him in the first panel here. And we've heard Athens referred to before...

Next up, science! Or perhaps history, depending on how you look at it. I'm old enough that it seems very strange to me to be considering looking at the Apollo landing sites as a way of looking into our history. It doesn't seem to have been long enough ago to be "history" yet. I will admit that I'm rather disappointed to learn that the flag left behind by the Apollo 11 expedition would be entirely gone now. On the other hand, perhaps it's fitting that the site isn't (metaphorically) claimed by any one nation. After all, the plaque left behind - which doubtless is still there and still readable - says "we came in peace for all mankind."

Mark sez

I drew today's page while listening to a streaming episode of The Clockwork Cabaret. That's some good tunes that is.

Ehm... Nuts. I had a comic link I was going to throw you but I think it's on a different computer, so I can't give it to you today. Instead, I'll point you to Tintin et l'Alph-Art. This was the Tintin story that Hergé was working on when he died in 1983. The intended ending, and even much of the ultimate plot, is unknown, as Hergé was known for revising and rewriting his stories extensively before creating their final versions. Still, based on his unfinished sketches a fellow artist and fan of his, Yves Rodier, created a finished Tintin book based on them. That link above goes to an English translation of one version of Rodier's book. It may amuse, bewilder, or even infuriate you! Anyway, enjoy.