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Jon sez

In some ways, you have to respect Brody. He's a complete jerk, but he realizes that and just doesn't care.

You may have noticed that the reporter hasn't been named yet. She has a name in the script, and a background, but they're being kept unspoken for the moment. I am completely stealing this from Citizen Kane, which is a much better movie than a film vaguely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst has any right to be. In that film, a reporter tries to find the meaning of the last word spoken by Charles Foster Kane. The reporter isn't the focus of the story, so he's kept pretty much a cypher. I love that idea, so I'm stealing it, at least for a little while.

Mark sez

Said reporter is also the "conservatively dressed" character I was referring to on my LiveJournal a little while back.

Not much else to say except, hmm, if you like that thar' Doctor Who you might enjoy Worst of the Time Lords.