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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Since Haas knows that Caprice is out of her cell, he's lying to Benjamin about her being safely imprisoned. We'll have to see how that works out.

My recent comment that we probably wouldn't be doing a collected paper version of A Miracle of Science because of the expense resulted in about ten people writing in to say they would be interested in buying such a book. Thank you all! Especially, thank you to the gentleman who said he's starting work on a PhD on storytelling in new media, and would be interested in using MoS as one of the source texts. I think that, up to now, my combined impact on scholarship had been my capacity to annoy my college professors.

Another person suggested that Steve Jackson might want to publish a collection. As far as I know, Steve Jackson Games doesn't publish fiction. If I'm wrong, and if Mr. Jackson does want to publish us, our email is always open. It's also always open if you want to send us fan art (of which Mark has some to lay on you cats today), or if you just want to say hello.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs I had a lot of trouble getting today's page rolling and I think it shows in the cluttered layout, awkward perspective, gruesome crowding of word bubbles and completely screwing up Pindar. Oh well.

In more positive news, fanart is in the house. Please write in if we forgot yours. And I'm gonna be a guest at Philcon!