Page 402
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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon In a world where mad science is king! The ultimate confrontation begins! The final chapter! In a world!

Have Don LaFontaine read that for extra credit.

Benjamin refers in this page to the Challenge and the Chase Scene, which were listed by Chief Nyerere on page 263. And that secretary robot with Haas was last seen on page 238.

When I sent the script for this page to Mark, he said that he didn't see a way to do it in one page. I suggested that he use the much-vaunted infinite canvas thing and make it a longer page. So here we are, with an extra-long page to fit in some extra-large plot.

Mind you, I suspect that until one of the revenue streams for webcomics stops being print collections, the infinite canvas idea will in general be a solution that is used very lightly. You can't print infinite canvas very well, as Scott McCloud admits. However, since I think the odds of there ever being a Miracle of Science collection are between slim and zero, I'm not too worried about it.

If you're wondering why there probably won't be an MoS collection: It would be a 400-plus page book, or a series of books that added up to that number of pages. The book or books would cost an aggregate of at least $50, probably more. Who would buy it/them? Our mothers and no one else, that's who. (I can hear it now: "That's nice, dear. Did you know I still have the little book you made in kindergarten? It was eight pages long and was about dinosaurs.")

On to other news: I'll apparently be appearing at the science fiction convention Philcon as a guest the weekend of November 17 - 19. I don't know yet what panels I will be on, but I assume they'll put me on the webcomics panels and not the "explaining brane theory" panels.

They forgot to invite Mark. We're going to kick them and see if this can be rectified.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Another strike against the infinite canvas concept is that it is a lot of work.