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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Happy Labor Day! I'm told that this holiday was inaugurated by Karl Marx as a celebration of Friedrich Engels' birthday. Engels had been nicknamed "Labor" by the other students at the Universität des Sitzens auf Ihrer Hinterteil und des Lügens* because it was so much work for him to lug his beard around everywhere he went. On this holiday, you're expected to sit around and think about all the great things Marx and Engels gave us, like...

Wait a minute. It'll come to me.

Nope. No idea. Their big-ticket item, communism, was rejected in its beta-test because of irreparable bugs. So I guess we'll all have to go to the beach or something.

In conclusion, I'd like to comment that the holographic AI caretaker in Narbonic is a lot more dangerous than the non-AI holographic receptionist in our comic. And I'd also like to mention that Narbonic's archives are now free again so I can start recommending the comic to people. Go read.

* via Babelfish: "The University of Sitting on Your Butt and Lying"

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs What nonsense: Labor Day is actually named after Canadian parliamentarian Stockwell Day. Anywho, it's still today somewhere, right? So we're technically right on schedule. I was out of town this weekend at a secure, undisclosed location, but I had the presence of mind to bring my pencils and paper with me. Still, I wanted to take extra time to CG it nicely. I think it came out pretty nicely in the end.

Never mind that, though. You want to look at the fabulous new fan art! Along those lines I would also like to add that sending us fan art is a great way to get your comic plugged on our site.