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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Henri gave the system perversion report to which Franz is referring to Rocco and Greta.

In other news, welcome to the year 5766. You just know I'm going to be writing "5765" on all my checks for at least the next month...

Also during this time in the onrushing future (i.e. right now), Asteroid 2005 SY70 approaches within 0.052 AU of Earth (you'll want to have Java enabled to see that JPL site), NASA has revealed a bit more information about the possible upcoming lunar program, and authorities in China have set the date for China's second manned space mission.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs L'shanna tova! Man, I worked so hard on this set that's only going to be used in one scene in this comic and then never seen again. (Well, actually, I might not be so upset if it doesn't show up again as it took a while to draw and color.) The general idea is that I wanted to make this boring Venusian government server room look interesting, so I posited that the CPU is up on top of giant earthquake-stabilized pillars in an attempt at disaster-proofing that will be considered either forward-thinking or insanely wasteful depending on if an earthquake actually happens before the next election.

In other news: You're giving this fan art to Us? Seriously? Score!! Thank you, We are so pleased. Thanks to Indigo for that piccy of Dr. Haas. Also tossed up into the Cosmos today is a cast picture I did a while back. Not colored or anything, but it's still not bad, really. Maybe I should make a desktop background out of it or something.