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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon When Doctor Haas realized Martians can travel faster than light he immediately started laughing madly, as is his wont.

By referring to Caprice as "Prester's Martian," Haas is depersonalizing her. This is a typical villainous turn of phrase. It also implies that Haas considers Prester to be his true adversary, and he thinks of Caprice as a secondary threat. c.f. hubris.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Can a robot do that sweatdrops thing? Well, I guess if it's a really advanced robot, then why not.

Okay, so contest results. Although there were several entries, no one had the correct response. This is largely my fault, though, because I vaguely referred to the comic's "tagline" and didn't actually say which line it was. So clearly the only fair way to resolve this situation is that everybody wins! I'll quote everyone who sent in links they wanted to plug:

  • Clint Herron recommended "the coolest webcomic I know" (oh, blushes, we're nowhere near!) but also went on to plug the webcomic Schwarz Kreuz and the charity which arranges useful supplies for U.S. military snipers serving overseas.
  • ZenRaver plugged the long-running webomic Road Waffles.
  • And Jeremy Newton recommended Join the Saga, which is a... which is a... I'm honestly not sure what it is but it looks really cool.
So there we are. This was pretty fun, and I'd love to do more -- oh, I guess I should say where the tagline is from. The phrase "But then the flaming sphere of light turned against sentience" is from Corn Pone Flicks's magisterial short film, Corn Dog 7 (scroll down the page to find it.) A classic beloved of myself and my friends back in the day.