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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Greta has a remarkably laid-back attitude towards other people's possessions. I admire that in a person.

In other news, the Space Shuttle launched again this week. (Of course, it was grounded again, even before the Discovery returns to Earth.) There seemed to be cameras all over the exterior of the thing, so we got to see amazing images of the launch, as well as of the shuttle separating from the external fuel tank. For a multi-ton slab-sided space glider, the Shuttle orbiter is a remarkably graceful thing.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Rocco's car is a bit anachronistic. I have to admit I'm skeptical as to whether we'll still even have physical bodies a hundred and fifty years from now, much less horrendous armored V12 (heck, make that V16 or maybe even V20) dragster-limousines with whitewall tires to cart them around in. Nonetheless it is a very nice car. Those with sharp memories may recall that the last time we saw some Venusian automobiles they all had these giant turbines mounted to their sides or tops. I had this vague idea that it was a product of the repressive Venusian government's overly self-reliant mindset -- look! We've built special cars that are perfect for Venus! Who needs outsiders' stuff anyway! -- but the problem is that those turbines are very awkward to actually place anywhere and still be able to open the car doors. I tried for a while to design them into Rocco's limo but in the end just gave up. The turbines are now down the memory hole and we shall speak no more about them.

You are in for a real treat today, because I am linking you to The Rainbow Orchid, "Web comic strip adventure in a European Bande Dessinnée style." (Think Tintin.) The Rainbow Orchid is a spiffy tribute to that art style and is erudite as all get out, something I always admire in a webcomic. There's plenty of archives to read through, so enjoy.