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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Shaenon Garrity of Narbonic wonders in a general way what that picture off to the left is from. It's from a strange little mad science print manga called "Pretty Face" that is, frankly, too weird for any human brain to comprehend. Bus crashes, high school, martial arts, unexplained gender switches...

By the way, you should go read Narbonic. It's great. It contains destroyed cars, time travel back to high school, mad gunplay, unexplained gender switching...

I'm detecting a pattern here.
(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs We're both longtime Narbonic fanboys, basically, and so when we saw an item in MoS's referrer log implying that Ms. Garrity herself had visited our page we followed the link and I myself got all like "EEEEEE" and it was, you know, pretty embarrassing. But still cool!