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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon On this page, Doctor Haas is teaching a group of robots how to be a string quartet. The last time we saw Haas attempting to teach one of his robots to perform delicate artistry, it ended poorly.

In other news, Ben Kaplin sends us an email asking how Caprice gained access to the data on Lefebvre's servers.

Without going into too much technobabble, the answer is this: Caprice queried the computers in the office using her personal networking gear, which is built into her brain.* The Lefebvre computers were speaking to each other using encryption, which Caprice could decrypt using her very advanced technology and her access to trans-human intellect. In effect, to Caprice's technology, the computers were speaking Pig Latin and thinking this would keep their data secure.

* Gear built into your head would be pretty cool, but I wouldn't want to be the first to try it. A Blue Screen of Death could be uncomfortably non-metaphorical if your computer is interfaced directly to your brain.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs And "head crash" would get a whole new meaning! Zing!

Anyway, I don't have much to say today except that, y'know, Chaucer is a pretty expressive little guy, considering that he has all the motility of a bowling ball.

Uh, I also notice that Haas's conductor's stick wandered from his right hand into his left hand in the last panel. Whoops. But that hardly exhausts the list of artistic errors on this page. One accident I do like, though: originally I was startled to notice that I'd forgotten to give Haas a music stand and sheet music, things which are awfully handy when you're conducting a string quartet. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea that he's conducting the piece entirely from memory.