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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon We received a couple of responses when I requested email last week. As I promised, I'm going to mention the people who sent us mail, and answer some of their comments.

Little Jessica Gothie, who is only four*, says: "I really like the shoujo sparklies that Caprice has in her hair."

Those were Mark's idea, and were in the initial character design he emailed me after I sent him the script outline and character descriptions. They're supposed to be slivers of gemstone which the Martians use in personal ornamentation.

Jessica also says "When are we gonna see Dr. Haas again, he's a hottie?"

Hmmmm...I seem to have underestimated Jessica's age... Anyway, Dr. Haas will be showing up again in a few pages.

Avidit Darcy wrote, "My only regret is that I miss updates during summer, and therefore consign your 'production notes' to oblivion."

Mark and I are intending to eventually put the "Jon sez" and "Mark sez" columns online with each of the archived pages, but that had been a fairly low priority for us. Until today, we weren't certain if anyone read these columns.

Want to see your name up in lights like Avidit and Jessica? Then email us! You'll be famous!**

* Jessica was one of the bridesmaids at my wedding, and has two college degrees. Luckily, she didn't major in in "Kick Jon's butt."

** Fame not guaranteed. In fact, I'm lying. Fame sold by weight and not by volume.
(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Yes, a big Miracle of Science thanks to Jessica and Avidit for their kind comments! We're producing this comic for... well, in all honesty Jon and I are making the sort of comic we'd like to read, and it is a constant source of amazement and delight that other people enjoy it as well.

Today's comic features a little innovation in the last panel I like to call "depth of field." It's quite original with me, unless you count the work of tired old hacks like Filippo Brunelleschi.