Omake (Extras) Section

Gift Art
Renditions of No Headroom characters by some extremely talented people! There's always room for more...

Character collage by Ed Bangalan
Helmsman by Shiroman
Helmsman's Revenge :) by Cherden
Mona by Faith H.
Helmsman and N.a.N. by Faith H.
Mona again by Faith H.
Poster by Reed Hawker

Additional Art
Other NH-related sketches and CG artwork.

Preview Poster
An early image done to promote the revamped NH (that is, the one you see now.)
Mona Tchernobyl Character Sketch
I owe Mike Ryan bigtime for helping me with Mona's character design. The loopy Maison Ikkoku riff was his idea.
Mona Tchernobyl CG
Done Fall '99 as a front page image for my main site.
N.a.N. CG
New in 2006. The power-mad artificial intelligence N.a.N.

Prototype Area
I've been waiting almost a year for the chance to bore you with a whole bunch of No Headroom pre-production junk. And here it is at last: the original, never-before-seen (uh, except that one time) version of No Headroom, quite faithful to the collaborative story it came from. Admire the flying saucer! Shake your head at Mona's all-too-brief first appearance! Duck frantically to avoid being impaled on Helmsman's hair! Can you possibly resist? I thought not.

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