Who is Peter Helmsman?

He's a loser, of course. Heh heh heh.

No Headroom is a Web comic I started around December of 1998. A big reason why I embarked on this project was to prove something to myself: that I could set a weekly schedule for a complex creative endeavor, and stick to it. There were a few slips, but all in all, I consider the experiment successful. I also don't feel the need to repeat it! If and when I start my next project, it'll be on a more relaxed pace. But that's OK. After this, I know I'm capable of it.

I want to extend sincere thanks to people who've helped NH happen. Bryan O'Malley was one of the first people to support it and has been there through thick and thin. Faith Hicks proved to me that yes, people do read this story. Love ya, Faith! Shiroman, Cherden, Ed Bangalan and Reed Hawker did fan art, which always makes my day. Then of course there's the people who wrote the original collaborative story NH sprang from, and who are -- at last! -- properly credited below and in the Omake section. You guys are all the greatest, and it never could have happened without you and without everyone else who's given this odd little story a chance. Thank you all so much!

Anyway, here's who's responsible for this travesty...

The Writers
No Headroom began as a collaborative story written at a party and published in the fanzine Hostigos. There was lots of alcohol involved at the party, which may help explain the story's narrative coherence. O_o Anyway, in order, the original writers were:

Jon Kilgannon
Matthew Pyson
Mark Sachs
Joe Foering
Matt Smith
Jim Cleaveland
Andrija Popovic
Alyce Wilson
Tavis Nesbitt
E. Bernhard Warg
Jesse Chang

The Artist
A couple years later, Mark Sachs (me) dredged the story out of obscurity, rearranged it, added new parts and characters and some dopey sight gags, and after only one false start, turned it into a weekly comic. Uh... that's it, actually. My only wish is that N.a.N. had a bigger part in the story, but then I'm weird.

Write to me. Or not. Whichever.

And so...
Why not go read the comic now? Since you're already here anyway.

Dramatis Personae

Peter Helmsman
A loser.

Mona Tchernobyl
His long-suffering girlfriend.

Lenny Moloch
A mortal foe.

Ryo Katsumara
A sinister corporate guy.

A mysterious AI.


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