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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon I've expounded this before: First rule of writing: No character should ever be completely invulnerable. Second rule of writing: Any character who even implies that he or she is invulnerable needs to be shown the error of his or her ways. This has snagged Caprice in the past.

It returns here as a narrative echo: Haas implied that he was invulnerable. Bad move.

Note on this page that, even when furious beyond reason, Caprice is careful not to kill the heavily-armed secretary-bot. Character, as a moralist of the nineteenth century said, is what you are in the dark. If you hold to your principles even when you are under great stress, or when no one is watching, then you truly own those principles.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs And it's out of there!! I really like Caprice's last line; it may possibly be my favorite line in all of MoS. One of the pleasures of doing this comic, you know, is getting to read it before everybody else.

Anywho. Links for you today:

1. Elegant proofs.
2. Dresden Codak. Okay, imagine one of those surrealist webcomics that are so strangely popular with literati types. Got a picture in your mind? Okay, now imagine it was actually good and you've got Dresden Codak. Since reading it, I've had to make room in my 'list of lines of dialogue that automatically make something an eternal classic' for "He's headed for the Einstein-Rosen Bridge!"