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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon This scene was so much freakin' fun to write. Benjamin and Chaucer spend the entire scene trying to out-snark one another, and then Pindar Two shows up. Doctor Haas, of course, mentioned on page 351 that Pindar Two was still in the mansion to deal with any meddling Vorstellen cops.

I would like to thank our email benefactor for making available to us the Nature article about the planets discovered around HD 69830, which I mentioned last update. It was much appreciated!

In science news, reports offer an intriguing glimpse of an observatory that would sit at the bottom of the sea (called Kilometre Cubed) or under deep ice (called IceCube) and peer down through the Earth to look for neutrinos passing through the planet. I love the future.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs I kind of like Benjamin's pose in the last panel. It's kinda loose, kinda energetic, kinda purposeful. My ability to do active poses is shaky at best so I tend to grab onto the rare occasions I manage it. By contrast Pindar's Sumo act wasn't really planned; it's just that he was too big to fit into the panel. I really should try that "planning" thing someday.

Today's daily link of the day is The Dada Detective. Not only is it funny, but in its style that mixes continuity, classic adventure, and silliness it strongly reminds me of my all-time favorite newspaper comic strip, Norb. Check it out.