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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon The interaction between Benjamin and Caprice in the middle panel is standard fare in every police procedural from Dragnet to Law & Order. I suspect that if one were to search the Odyssey carefully one would find Odysseus trying this ploy on Circe.
And then the fleet-foot Odysseus said to the sorceress,
"Come, thou, and allow me to seek what I wish to see,
That I may learn why my men have been turned to swine.
Otherwise, I shall have to call upon the spirit of Tiresias,
And you know how ticked off he gets when he is summoned from Hades."
On second
(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs First, Asc sent us fan art! It's Caprice and Wei! Thanks, Asc!

Second, Marcus Rowland wrote in to ask if A Miracle of Science had an RSS feed. (Mr. Rowland is, by the way, the proprietor of Forgotten Futures, "the scientific romance role playing game." If you dig those airships and steam-powered machinery and all that Victoriana, you just might want to check it out.) Well, we don't in fact have an RSS feed. I started wondering how we could set one up, and then realized -- why, I don't need to wonder when I've got ready access to a group of the most intelligent, discerning, and attractive people on the whole entire Internet: namely, the readers of this very comic! So if you feel inclined to, please write in with your tips on how to get RSS up and running and we'll drag this website into the twenty-first century yet, by gum.