Page 260
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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Terry Pratchett once wrote that the use of multiple exclamation points is a sign of a dangerously unbalanced mind. Keep that in mind while reading today's page of the comic.

After he finished the art for this page Mark wrote to ask me if the blood on Ben, caused by his gun exploding in his face, was out of place for MoS. I don't think so; in fact, Benjamin even occasionally swears. Mind you, he swears in a curiously PG sort of way...

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs You should be grateful that we took that little unplanned hiatus on Thursday -- grateful, I say! Because the comic that was ready for you was really terrible and I'd rather not have inflicted it upon our loyal readers. I would contrast it in that respect to today's comic, which is actually pretty good. All the fiddly little detail in Panel 2 might actually look better in black and white, come to think of it -- color has a way of muddling detail. Still, I'm happy with the way it all came out.

Oh hey, and speaking of black and white I will close by recommending to you the webcomic Zebra Girl which is just so totally magnificent that I can't find words to express it. I strongly recommand that you start reading it from the first comic. You won't be sorry.