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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon We last saw Djaya back on pages 18 and 19. Benjamin was rather evasive at the time about how he knew Djaya. Curious, that...

Flashbacks are fun to write. It's like having the play-within-a-play which Shakespeare used to such effect in Hamlet. Except that Shakespeare was a much, much better writer than I am.

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs It has also been a while since this comic visited a city in the Lunar People's Republic. This city, Priozersk, isn't the same one Benjamin and Caprice were rushing around and causing traffic accidents in way back when -- that was Novy Anadiyr -- but in the sense that all these cities are generally drab and awful places they're pretty much the same.

Meanwhile, here's two updates on news we posted a few days ago: the SpaceShipOne launch was a huge success. And, NASA's Cassini probe has successfully entered orbit around Saturn. So basically everything's just coming up roses and daffodils.

Finally, lots of people wrote in with helpful suggestions on the whole Mozilla Firefox archive pages issue. Thanks to Tyler Montbriand, Mark White, Scott Price, Joerg Tremmel, Edward Zieba, and Georg Mischler, we should have this conundrum sorted out in no time. On a side note, this turned out to be a good excuse for me to try out using Firefox on a regular basis. It's not bad, you know?