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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Our motto...A Miracle of Science: Your only online source for evil economics theory.
(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs E3 was fun as usual. Maybe I'll tell you all about it sometime. Special message to Jon and also to correspondent Mai Guukan who was thinking along the same lines: sorry, I'm keeping all the swag for myself, including the Half-Life 2 T-shirt!

So recently I was thinking that I need another excuse to upload the comic at an ungodly hour of the morning instead of doing it early like a sane and rational person, so I picked up NCSoft's new massively-multiplayer game City of Heroes. I can state with authority that this game is a trip and a half: you create a superhero, arrive in the gigantic primary-colored and crime-ridden Paragon City, and beat up evildoers with increasingly spectacular and over-the-top powers. The character creation system is a treat all by itself; it's quite easy to use and lets you pretty much design any superhero you can imagine -- clothes, hair, accessories, silly goggles, you name it, right down to choosing the precise colors of each part of their outfit. (Check out this version of Dr. Haas I made, for example.) And you can have eight of them, on each of something like ten servers! It's a refreshing change from so many other online games where everyone is a clone due to limited options in character creation; I can honestly say that in the time I've been playing I have not seen any two player characters who looked even remotely similar. So to sum up, I'm enjoying myself, and if you happen to be playing on the Guardian server and see Virgil Haas, Ms. Seabrook the Nuclear Ninja, the obvious Obvious Man, or last but not least the Goddess Urd* please do wave hello.

* Yes, I am of course a hopeless Ah! My Goddess fan from way back, and I am indeed cheerfully indulging in fannish excess. You are surprised?