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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Nelson Pavlosky writes in to ask about what he sees as a possible inconsistency in the story: why is the little Martian child on page 181 confused that Benjamin isn't talking with his thoughts? As we saw in the conversation among Caprice, Fabula, and Syuzhet on pages 129 and 130, and in the radio-chattering Martians on page 162, Martians normally converse with each other by radio. They also engage in their group mind intellect-links via radio and via FTL telecommunication. Although an Artisan intellect-link is not comprehensible to someone from the Science community, and vice-versa, the fact that the link is active would be discernible - in the same way you can tell someone is speaking near you, even if he's speaking in a language you can't understand.

Goliat Skipson (what is it with all these people who have cooler names than me?) wrote in to say he mentioned "Brazil has decided you're cute" on a messageboard in Germany. The meme spreads worldwide!

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs This next scene, taking place in Dr. Juruna's apartment on the Moon, is going to be very dark, by which I mean to say it takes place at night. So, please make sure the color balance on your monitor is set correctly. There we go.

Mr. Pavlosky enquired as well about the possibility of an RSS feed for this comic, so that when it is updated the word can be spread through various automated Web services. Hmm, he replied thoughtfully.

I would also like to reassure any worried readers that the ribbon Caprice has been wearing around her neck recently is just a fashion accessory; it's not there to keep her head from falling off. More generally, like most Martians Caprice has chosen a color scheme for herself. Her color scheme is dark-gray with an accent of red, and although she's worn several different outfits in the course of the story you'll notice she always sticks with that. Some folks might look at the rather garishly colored clothes many of the Martians in Alnaschar wear, and object that it hardly fits with the motif of a city of artists. Well, that's all very well, I might reply, but nobody said they were all good artists.