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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon First off, I'd like to say that isn't an error in Mark's art in the middle panel. (Not that Mark is prone to mistakes in the first place!) Beatriz's flesh-and-blood hand is passing through Haas' holographic one. I presume this would be a shortcoming of holographic telepresence.

In other news...several fine people sent me emails commenting on my column last week regarding air pressure loss in a building struck by a micrometeorite. They wondered, specifically, whether a window would shatter and blow out, causing a catastrophic loss of pressure in whatever room was effected.

I remember seeing something like this in a science fiction movie called, if I am remembering properly, Outland. A window is shot with a gun and the glass fails, causing it to blow out. Of course, no one with a lick of sense would make a large bank of windows which open on vacuum out of frangible glass. I presume from this that Hollywood movie writers don't have a lick of sense...

The windows in Gagarin City would be made of something transparent yet strong. The material would also need to be resistant to the propagation of cracks. If an appropriate material wasn't available at a reasonable price, of course, windowed skyscrapers in naked vacuum wouldn't be built. The general story idea is to display the relatively more advanced and pleasant state of living in Gagarin as opposed to the oppressive life in Noviy Anadyr.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in. It's good to see that folks read this, and care enough to call me on possible errors!

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs Hey, if you people are going to quibble, you could ask why it took me this long to set up an establishing shot to prove that Haas and Juruna are meeting in an actual cafe, as opposed to just a table on somebody's front porch somewhere. I mean, sheesh.