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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon I'm going to do something few writers of science fiction webcomics would do. I am going to cajole you into reading some Roman-era poetry. Go read a little of The Aeneid in its translation by the English poet John Dryden.

But don't just read it silently. The Aeneid was meant to be read aloud. It rolls from the tongue in waves of words meant to be declaimed vociferously. Plus, it's a really good story of flight, love, and betrayal.

Don't attempt to read it all at once, though. The thing is very, very long.

P.S. MoS reader A. Cairns points out the existence of a nifty - and somewhat disturbing - thing called Guitarbot 666. A distant ancestor of Doctor Haas's string quartet, perhaps?

(Mark sez:)

Your Artist: Mark Sachs After last time's lengthy discourse on orbital mechanics I'm plumb tuckered out. And why not? I've had a big day.