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(Jon sez:)

Your Writer: Jon Kilgannon Next stop: Io!

Unlike Ganymede, Io isn't a good candidate for terraforming, even with nigh-magical technology. Io is squeezed and stretched by huge tides caused by Jupiter's gravity, heating the moon and turning its viscera into a slurry of sulphurous magma which blasts free in immense volcanos that can be seen from orbit. Io also zips around Jupiter in a very close orbit well inside the giant planet's immense magnetosphere, less than half a million kilometers from Jupiter, creating a massive torus of electrically-charged sulphur ions.

Some scientists have suggested that Io may be a bizarre cousin to Europa, having an underground ocean of liquid sulphur much like Europa's postulated underground ocean of water. This is just more proof that the world is not only stranger than we know, but stranger than we can know.

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Your Artist: Mark Sachs Argh. Too many mundane hassles to deal with. Talk later.

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