Twenty years ago, your nation lost a war and a planet fell to tyranny.
A simple historical research expedition becomes an adventure through time
and the dead past may not be as dead as you think.

Ground Zero is currently in development using Inform 7.

This game consists of 10 short chapters and grew out of a minor backstory concept in a larger game, The Sixth Planet, which may or may not get done one day itself. It has more object-based puzzles than Star City but is also more focused on characterization and actually has NPCs in it. Shocking, I know! Check back on this page for progress report updates (last update 11/04/2007.)

Chapter 1 90%
Chapter 2 80%
Chapter 3 90%
Chapter 4 50%
Chapter 5 75%
Chapter 6 85%
Chapter 7 20%
Chapter 8 30%
Chapter 9 0%
Chapter 10 50%