Why remake Combat?
Because we like eating and paying the rent.

What's in the game?
34 vertigo-inducing single-player levels including secret levels. Seven huge and unique boss monsters to fight. 8 multiplayer levels for free-flowing high-speed deathmatch. Eleven stonkin' tunes. Ten player tanks, including three secret ones and one ultra-double-triple-secret one. Make your own levels with the included editor. Includes required-by-law-in-all-action-games "sewer" level. Does not include any offensive ethnic stereotypes or annoying bits where you have to jump over moving laser beams (oo, those really frost me.) How's that?

That doesn't sound anything like the original Atari 2600 Combat!
That's not a question.

Does this game work on Windows 2000?
Damn skippy. (Which is to say, yes.)

But then why am I getting choppy performance under Win2K on my GeForce 2 card?
Try downloading NVidia's reference drivers for your card and using them instead. I'm given to understand that especially on Win2K and Windows XP, they're far superior to the run-of-the-mill manufacturer's drivers.

Does this game work with my Voodoo 3 card?
Yes! Although I would recommend instead that you remove the V3 from your computer, snap it neatly in two, and throw it in the street, then back over it a couple of times with your car for optimal performance. Ha ha, I kid, of course. No, I don't.

What bonus junk do I get with Combat?
You get the editor! Copy it from the Goodies folder on the CD into your game directory, and you can make new single-player and deathmatch levels like nobody's business with this baby. To play them, just choose "Play User Level" off the main menu, type the filename and you're rolling. You also get the Stella Atari 2600 emulator with the original ROM images for Combat and its unpublished sequel, all the game music in MP3 format, and for the truly incorrigible, a model exporter. Such a deal!

How can I buy this game?
Combat has been shipped to nearly a dozen Electronics Boutiques across Nepal and American Samoa. You can also buy it from Amazon. For each copy that's sold, a shiny penny goes straight into my pocket!

Are you proud?
Despite my flippant tone, yes. Yes, I am. It doesn't suck, and the next one's gonna be even better.

Got any more levels?
Sure. Try this on for size. Unzip it into your Combat directory and run the user level HARDCASE.

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