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Jon sez

I call this page "If this doesn't get us banned by the Great Firewall of China, nothing ever will."

The flag flying over the embassy is one of the Qing dynastic flags. Mark made me promise not to show it very often, because it's complicated to draw. That's why it will be appearing on the tee-shirts of every character that shows up in the story from now on---Mark, put down that knife.

The sign on the gate regarding the Empire of China is a callback to page 31, with its reference to the Mao Dynasty, which of course would be the current Communist boneheads in charge of the country.

The "American Interests Desk" is a reference to similar modern attempts to get around lacks of diplomatic ties between two countries that aren't friendly enough to exchange ambassadors. Basically, in the story China is a close ally of the United States, so there is an "Interests Desk" in the Chinese embassy where the United States has unofficial diplomatic representatives (under the aegis of China) to handle local emergencies.

Mark sez

It's because of that traditional Chinese roof with the curly tiles that this page was delayed. What the heck, China? Make your stuff easier to draw already, seriously (though I have to admit that once I was done, the result looked totally sweet.) If you were curious, my visual reference for this scene was the Chinese embassy in Canberra, Australia.

Did I have anything else I wanted to comment on today? It looks like I don't!