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Jon sez

That's gotta hurt.

On to the wonders of engineering: Have you ever wondered how an automobile's differential works? Watch that short film and you'll know. It's probably the most lucid and informative short I've ever seen. (And it has some precision motorcycle riding at the start!)

Speaking of the wonders of engineering, I got an e-book reader for Christmas. It's like a magic box with words in it. I've wanted one of these things since I was six, ever since I saw those log readers Kirk had on the original Star Trek when I saw the show in syndication in the early 1970s. I'm not terribly materialistic, but I have had to stop myself from petting the reader and muttering "My prrrrrrecioussss."

Mark sez

Looking through my backlog of links now... aha, how about I give you these close-up pictures of Comet Hartley 2?