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Jon sez

I'm sure this is what Francis Pharcellus Church was thinking of when he wrote his famous editorial for eight-year-old Virginia in the New York Sun over a century ago. Wordless violence!

We didn't time things so that this page would be released on Christmas Day, but sometimes coincidence works to our advantage.

Mark sez

Merry Christmas all! Your present from Afterlife Blues is Calvin Mirabeau getting kicked right in the store.

One of my objectives when working on this comic was that there should be more fights and action, since I've always felt that's an area... er, one of the many areas... I was weak in, art-wise. So as you can imagine I was pleased as punch when we finally got to this scene. It turns out this stuff is awfully fun to draw -- who knew? I can also share the tip that if you have at least one character fighting from inside a puddle as Faith is you get lots of dynamic lines in the image for free.