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Jon sez

In old Superman serials, the bad guys would throw a gun at Superman as if that would do any good. In reality, throwing a gun at a normal person (as opposed to the Man of Steel) is sometimes useful as a distraction for a real attack.

Cinematic news: I went to see that new Tron movie. They tell me it's made with computers! What will they think of next?

The movie has great sets, fun costumes, awesome music, and a plot that apparently was processed through a crosscut paper shredder at some point.

It was also partly a period piece set in 1989.

Fifteen years ago, Apollo 13 was a period piece set in 1970. So I guess the 80s were due.

Mark sez

Man, I totally had something I was going to link to here and I forget what it was going to be. Oh well, enjoy the fight scene!