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Jon sez

At Philcon, I was on two panels with Tony DiGerolamo and Rob Balder. I've been on panels with both of them in the past; they're smart, savvy gentlemen with good senses of humor. Give their comics a look.

The convention was quite exhausting. With traffic, I had a round trip of more than two hours each day, for an aggregate of something over seven hours on the road during the weekend. I mention this because I sent Mark this column before I saw today's page, since I'm going to bed. So if Mark has turned the comic into an Edwardian comedy of manners, it's not my fault; I was asleep at the time.

Mark sez

I say, Jeeves! Wasn't there an invisible person in that alley a moment ago? Some deuced friend of Aunt Agatha's, I'll wager...