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Jon sez

We last saw Mirabeau being chewed out for his manifest failures as a villain.

The vehicle that the firemen are standing on to give them a little more reach is an armored vehicle launched bridge.

By the way, can someone tell me how many Author Points I get for having Mirabeau holding a glass of scotch right after the narration refers to booze? And where can I turn in Author Points to upgrade my skills and/or attributes? Years of exposure to games with Experience Points tells me that I should be able to turn in points for something useful. I'm thinking of picking up psychic powers.

Mark sez

Holy cats, did I draw an establishing shot at the beginning of a scene instead of the end? Is it Opposite Day? It must be!

In unrelated linkage, this thing about the "bubbly ocean" on Enceladus is kind of interesting. Europa? Man, that's yesterday's space ocean news.

Also, let's not forget that Monday was Columbus Day in the US. Ain't nothing to set out across an infinite ocean in three tiny little ships like that, so have some respect.