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Jon sez

You can actually hear the rarely-used gears in Brody's head turning over, can't you?

Mark's links over there are all (justified) doom and gloom. To counterbalance it, we require something funny.

Mark sez

That's the thing about Ankh-Morpork, you see...

In other news, yes, that's a new effect for Faith's infiltration suit. I really didn't think the old one worked out well at all, so now there's a new one. I'm stepping up my game, you see. Have I mentioned that before? I'm fairly certain that I have.

Links: Well, this is pretty interesting. Just remember, if any one of those red dots hits the blue dot, it's goodnight, Irene. But I'm sure that won't happen because, uh, something or other. We certainly don't need to do anything about the problem or anything like that.