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Jon sez

No webcomic is complete without giant spiders. Penny Arcade has The Thing That Lives in the Game Stop, Schlock Mercenary has Gordo the Giant Arachnid, and XKCD has the art style.

Yes, I made all of that up.

I am profoundly sorry.

NOTE: Jon is never sorry for anything he says, as he had his conscience removed when he became a consultant.

Mark sez

OK! First comic back in Photoshop on my replacement desktop computer. You can tell because it...doesn't look a lot different, I guess.

Links... links... hmm, I don't have a whole lot of those lately. (Suggestions welcomed!) The SCP Foundation is pretty neat, although I'd wager the sort of people who read this comic -- by which of course I mean devastatingly intelligent and attractive people -- already have it bookmarked.