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Jon sez

I wrote this part of the script and sent it off to Mark in February, and at that time I didn't expect this page to show up on Mother's Day. But it did, and it's quite appropriate. A happy coincidence. And a happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in our lives, especially mine and Mark's.

Regarding Crownover's little party (first seen on page 106) that was just broken up: Lt. Lyle set out to investigate Crownover at his warehouse on page 126. She and her crew of police officers were reported at the warehouse on page 128. They went inside on page 132. On page 147, it was clear the police were in charge of the warehouse's communications.

Mark sez

Sorry about the delay, but on impulse I just had to add that AWESOME BACKGROUND to the first panel instead of another boring side shot of Bethany against the interior of the cavern. I've uploaded the version without dialog at this location. Especially dedicated or deranged readers can use this panel and a few other pages to deduce exactly where Phantom Hill Transport Specialists is located, and where Bethany is watching the show from.

Iiiiiiiiiiiii... think that's about it.