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Jon sez

Today's page is subtitled "Soap Opera: 2094."

A thought occurred to me out of the blue on Tuesday while I was watching the recent movie version of Sherlock Holmes: Is the hard copyright lock on anything created since 1923 partly behind the recent surge of interest in Victoriana and its stepchild steampunk? The creative works from the Victorian era are, after all, in the public domain. I'm probably wrong, but the thought did strike me.

Lastly, some science! Over on AB's Facebook page, reader James O'Dwyer has pointed out that Japan is launching a solar sail test vehicle. The article calls it a "space yacht". I believe that it requires a space pool full of space bathers of both genders, and a space wine rack full of space champagne, to be a space yacht.

Mark sez

Hmm, not much to say other that these Antarctic bases are pretty neat. Also this article about how quasars mysteriously don't show evidence of time dilation is also rather intriguing.