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Jon sez

Bethany saw the cops start raiding the Phantom Hill Transport Specialists warehouse on page 132.

I know that a number of readers of Afterlife Blues also like Girl Genius. (I certainly do.) With that in mind, I direct your attention to this video of a 1920 Decca gramophone playing "The Tanks that Broke the Ranks," a comedic World War I patriotic song. The video (and the song) have a very Girl Genius air about them. Bonus points are awarded to the gentleman recording the piece for his creation of the term "British Imperial YouTube Broadcasting."

Mark sez

I'm about to get mini-swamped with work, so it looks like the next update will be one week from now on Tuesday, April 27th.

In other news, here are some impressive pictures of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano that's even now inconveniencing travelers and baffling news anchors all over Europe. I'm guessing that lightning is an actual volcano-related phenomenon and not just a coincidence, as this isn't the first such picture of the effect I've seen.