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Jon sez

When I saw e_d_z's question on Mark's Live Journal I felt secure, because I knew that this page was coming up, complete with the crumpled front of the car as Liraz uses her cyborg strength to leap forward. Any plan where you use a car as the first stage of your "rocket" is going to be a good plan, I always say.

"Why is Brody hitting the brakes," I hear you asking? So he doesn't drive straight into that flooded street, I answer. The city isn't really very well maintained.

Mark sez

So you understand now why it was a good idea for Liraz to change her clothes. Plus it was a lot of fun drawing the Space Trabi getting wrecked.

e_d_z also claimed that Intragalactic is a pretty good webcomic. And research indicates that it is indeed a pretty good webcomic! You should check it out.