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Jon sez

Reader M. Northstar writes in to suggest that the locks on the car door on page 127 are able to lock themselves even after having been overridden once or twice, unless a thief goes to the additional and considerable trouble of permanently disabling the lock. Damned clever ideas, that Northstar chap has. Perhaps too clever. Mark and I have sent the Idea Ninjas to his location to make certain M. "Cleverpants" Northstar is shown what happens to clever chaps. (They get their names mentioned in this column, that's what happens to them.)

Mark sez

M. Northstar also pointed out that I never actually got around to posting more links to SF webcomics like I promised a little while ago. That's, um, right, I didn't. But I can at least link to Freefall like you suggested, how's that?

Also, the Space Trabant makes its triumphant reappearance! It's embarrassing how long I spent debating with myself whether or not that stupid thing should have windshield wipers, given that they're in an underground city.