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Jon sez

So, Mark asked me: Why are they breaking into a vehicle that already had its computer stolen? Wouldn't the door already have been unlocked by the previous thieves? The answer to this is twofold: First, if the door to that car were unlocked, it would have been stripped (and therefore useless) long ago. Second, criminals are often very, very stupid and very, very strange. Locking the door after committing a crime isn't too far outside the norm. In preparing to write this story I read up on scammers and criminals, and it made me realize just how weird criminals are. (It also destroyed a lot of my faith in humanity.)

Science: The Spirit rover has become the Spirit stay-where-you-are. I can't really argue with the rover's success, though, since it was designed to function for three months...and it started work six years ago.

Mark sez

Apologies for the delay; there was a bunch of planning and photo research I needed to do for this scene. (The fact that Mass Effect 2 just came out is completely irrelevant. Oh, your skepticism wounds me to the quick!) I'll try to avoid further delays, but this one's complicated and I want to make sure I get it right. Or at least rightish.

And yes, that's a new outfit for Liraz. She's wearing it because what she's about to do would be very hard on her old outfit.