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Jon sez

Warning, science content: Have you ever wondered why the insulators on power lines have such an unusual shape? Behold the answer.

Mark sez

Oh, I'll give you science -- as is appropriate, since we are now living in the distant future year of 2010. The first results from the Kepler exoplanet-detecting probe are now coming in; Kepler is proving to be not just well-suited for detecting planets but is also sensitive enough to tell us all kinds of interesting things about distant stars, up to figuring their rotation speed based on what are presumably darker spots on the star's surface rotating into and out of view.

I also thought this article about a radiation blast that hit the Earth in 2004 was rather interesting. I vaguely recalled that at the time some sort of space weather event killed a couple of satellites, but it turns out the culprit was an earthquake (or starquake, whatever you prefer) on the surface of a neutron star. Halfway across the Galaxy.