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Jon sez

Regarding today's comic: Hey kids, don't drink!

Or do drugs.

Or cross the street against a red light.

And get off my lawn!

Mark sez

Afterlife Blues is rated T for STRONG LANGUAGE, ALCOHOL USE, and BLOODY VIOLENCE (we just haven't quite gotten to that bit yet.)

So, right! I promised some links to sci-fi webcomics, as sent in by our fabulous readers. Enough people sent things in that I may have to split it across an update or two.

So first of all, recommended by Konrad Gaertner via LiveJournal, Moon Town. A new one to me, so far it's space adventure on a mining colony with an excellently distinctive art style. And then, more than one person recommended some strips I've already visited but which I'm more than happy to re-plug: A Girl and Her Fed, Galaxion, Schlock Mercenary, and I'm pretty sure I've linked to it here but because I like it so much Phil Foglio's Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire. More links coming next time!