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Jon sez

Liraz is making a reference to what she said on page 79.

News and such: Philcon is now over. At one point, Eric S. Raymond was unexpectedly put on a panel I was on - presumably to fill a hole left by a panelist who wasn't available. I postulated the existence of a surge in the popularity of print-on-demand books if some clever person manages to put together the reputation management software of somewhere like and the "frequently bought together" software of, as this would create a web of recommendations from people you have a vague reason to trust. So if the next version of The Cathedral and the Bazaar has that idea in it, I'll know to speed-dial my lawyer.*

* This is a joke.++

++ Actually, I am the most litigious human on earth. I retain lawyers by the ton. Right now, Mark and I are in a long-term legal battle over whether or not I may use the letter "Q" in any dialog in this comic.

Mark sez

I'm running out of startled expressions to paste on Brody's face.

OK, so today you get links! Please enjoy The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™, the unofficial Large Hadron Collider Portal (I recommend setting pages like this one as the home page on all computers at your workplace and pretending you work at CERN), and the quest for the 3D Mandelbrot Set.