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Jon sez

The RSS collector for Live Journal appears to be wacky right now, so you'll want to go back a page to read the page that Live Journal didn't pick up. (It's doing this to at least a dozen RSS feeds that I found in a cursory search of LJ, so there's nothing we can do here to fix it. Something's broken on Live Journal's end.) If you're using our RSS feed directly, your RSS reader will continue to work normally; this involves only the Live Journal feed.

Today's page shows just how much Bethany and Brody like each other. Which is to say, not at all.

Mark sez

Aw, c'mon. It may seem on the surface like Bethany and Brody don't get along, but deep down inside where it counts? They really hate each other.

Today's comic link ("today" in the sense that I'm doing it today, not that I manage to scrape together a link every day or anything like that) is Supernormal Step. Funny writing and an appealing art style. I recommend reading it from the beginning (it just started recently so it won't be too bad of an archive trawl.)